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Nicknames:- Strudel
Born:- 4th December 2004
Variety:- Standard Grey

Astro is one of the two babies born to Star. Sadly his brother, Apollo, died suddenly at only a couple of years old. Having been born here and handled regularly since birth Astro is exceptionally tame. He is also exceptionally evil! All chinchillas are naughty but Strudel really is unbelievably mischievous, always looking for ways to be out, places to get to and things to destroy. Astro was neutered and now lives with his Mum again.

In May 2008 Astro developed an abcess under his chin. He went to our usual vets to have it removed but they found it was very severe and advised that Astro be put to sleep. I could not sanction the ending of such a young life when Astro was still bright, lively and eating well and full of will to live. So we sought a second opinion from a specialist who, thankfully, was more optimistic. He was able to remove the abcess and try some more radical treatment which was successful. Several months and several hundred pounds later and Astro is doing well, although we'll need to keep an eye on his dental health for the rest of his life.

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