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Barney's Story

Before reading about Barney you need to have read Cassie and Begley's pages.

We suspected from very early on that Cassie had had puppies during her time at Tom's in Ireland. This was confirmed when we were contacted by a lovely man called Dennis who told us that he had adopted one of Cassie's puppies! He had picked her up from Tom direct and been told that she was definitely Cassie's pup. He very very kindly sent us pictures and when we saw them we were knocked for six. It was quite clear to us looking at Hollie that she was the pup of both Cassie and Begley.

On the 20th September 2007, Wiccaweys contacted us to tell us a dog bearing a striking resemblance to Begley had travelled over from Tom. It was obvious from the pictures they sent that there was a relationship there and initially we thought they might be brothers. So we travelled up to meet him and found there were striking similarities to Begs but also differences - he was bigger and more collie and less sheltie than Begs and he also appeared to be a few years younger.

So if you put these two dogs together what do you think you would get?

Something like this perhaps?

I'd bet very good money that Barney is in fact sibling of Hollie, son of both Cassie and Begley! He is a perfect mismash of the two. Each time I look at him I gasp - one time there is a big flash of Begley, and the next a big flash of Cassie. He is small and round with a bit of a domed head like Begley. But his black bits are tinged with ginger, he has black round his blaze, his face is longer and he has silly dew claws - just like Cassie!!

Barney still has a lot to learn about normal doggy life but the speed and ease with which he has adapted to such a massive change in his life has been amazing. Although still a bit nervy, he is a very happy, waggy, silly sort of boy with a lot of enthusiasm about life. Amazingly, he has slotted in with the other five without a hitch - we are very lucky to have such nice natured dogs.

Finally in 2009 a storm in the early hours gave Barney the encouragement he needed to tackle the stairs in order to be with us and the others.Since then he has discovered a whole new way of life including the joy of Sunday morning bed cuddles. Although, because he has bad hips, he found getting on the bed too much. This was soon rectified with the help of a stepping stool from Ikea though! And from cuddles on the bed Barney has also learnt how to play with us and is like a different dog now. It also means no more crate for him which is great news.

More About Barney

Name: Barney
"Pedigree" Name: Sir Barnaby of Graceland
Nicknames: Barnaby, Barnacle, Bear, Care Bear, Elvis, Punk, Bearkin pie, Chunky Skunk 
Gotcha/Birthday: 22nd September
Year of Birth: 2003
Favourite things: His crate, chest rubs, back rubs, apples, going in the garden, playing on the bed 
Least favourite things: Stairs, hugs, having his claws trimmed
Cutest Habits: Elvis impressions, stomping, mincing
Most Annoying Habits: Being very vocal when excited
Naughtiest act to date: Dragging a bin bag from the kitchen to his crate

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