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Bertie's story

A puppy! How on earth did that happen?

When Tess died in March 2010 she left a massive hole in our lives. I couldn't imagine having to go through such pain again and yet I knew I had to face it at least five more times. There was no way I wanted to bring another dog into our lives and line myself up for yet more heartbreak. But Fin didn't look at it that way. Fin just knew he didn't have anyone to play with anymore and he was bored and frustrated. We took in another dog for a trial but, although she was playful, the others just didn't take to her and hid away. We decided that bringing another dog in to such a well established group of five wasn't going to work.

And then came Wednesday 24th November. Fate conspired to put us in the right place at the right time and Dave happened across a lady holding a dog in the lobby of his work building as he was leaving to take me home. Dave being Dave had to stop and say hello and then he heard the story. The lady had found him tied up in a busy public area, clearly abandoned in the hope that someone would take pity on him. Dave called me and I said bring him home with us and we'll sort it out from there. The little dog was terrified and snapped at Dave when he held him and urinated all over him in fear. He was a little better with me but still growled when I approached him. Because of this we were worried about calling the dog warden and sending him to Battersea where he was likely to be euthanased. So we arranged for him to stay with us while his owner had 28 days to come forward and claim him. It didn't take us long to know that, if he fitted in ok with the others, he would stay. But it was a huge ask. We weren't set up for a puppy, working full time, and the other dogs were now aged between 6 and 10 so surely they would find a puppy too much. We tentatively tried introductions....

He and Fin were instant best mates, playing together for hours. Bert even started to teach Fin the joy of toys. The others were a little less impressed with his puppy energy but they accepted him and he started to learn manners.

Bertie still has some mountains to climb. Whoever owned him before didn't treat him well. He's nervous of strangers, especially men, and will bark and wet himself in fear. But once he knows you're ok he's the most loving, affectionate little man you could ever hope to meet. We're sure that will good socialisation he'll soon come round. He's certainly learnt to trust us now.

Allowing his previous people their month, Bert officially became ours Christmas 2010. We're certain that he was sent to us by our bridge girls, to heal our broken hearts, bring some joy back into our lives and get Fin playing again. Once again our family feels complete.

More About Bertie

Squirt, Squirtle, Squirty Turtle
24th November/24th July
Year of Birth:
Favourite things:
Toys, Mummy, Playing
Least favourite things:
Hoover, strangers, being separated from us, being told what to do
Cutest Habits:
Noisy yawns, answering back
Most Annoying Habits:
Answering back, tiddling everywhere, destroying his toys
Naughtiest act to date:
Having diarrhoea on the (white) bathroom rug

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