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Chinchillas and Degus were never part of the plan, I have to say. Until, in August 2004, my Step Dad asked me if I would look after his neighbours chinchilla for a few weeks while they had some building work done. I'd never so much as seen a chinchilla in the flesh before so it was a steep learning curve!

It later became clear from conversations with his owner that they were quite scared of him and so didn't let him out of the cage or spend much time with him. Since we were getting on great and Shadow was coming out every night and having a lovely time I offered to give Shadow a permanent home here.

Sadly Shadow left us suddenly in September 2005. But he introduced me to chinchillas and I can't see me ever being without them now.

Please click on the pics below to meet our current chinchillas





In December 2005 I fostered some degus. I'd heard they could be kept with chinchillas so I let them all free range together. They got on great so I adopted the degus and they all moved in together. Since then some degu friends have left us for the bridge and some new ones have arrived. The chins currently share their home with two degu sisters, Juliette and Naomi.



The chinchillas and degus live together in a Tommy T3.

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