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Fin's story

Oh dear. Yet another failed foster dog. We have now fostered six dogs and kept three of them!

Fin came to us on the 25th February 2005 named Cloud. He had been found at the side of the road in Ireland. His rescuer initially thought he was dead but then saw just a tiny movement and rushed him to the the vets. There it was found that he had been shot. He was terribly thin and spent 3 weeks at the vets recovering. He came to us pretty much straight from the ferry and at that point he was still horribly thin and with a terrible coat so lord knows what sort of state he must have been in when he arrived there.

We pottered along fostering Cloud and with him making steady progress for a couple of months. We were asked several times if we were going to keep him and each time we insisted we weren't. Mainly because we knew he would need a home with a nice playful dog to have fun with and ours are all so boring like that!!

On April 12th we lost our darling Meg and all the dogs seemed to be affected in different ways. Begley seems a bit shier, Cass has been having accidents and Loki and Tess started playing together a little. Although this meant Tess was trying her best to play with Loki whilst Loki chewed hard on her nose! We discussed the idea of another dog when the time was right and agreed we'd both like another oldie, perhaps someone small and a bit scruffy.

And then all of a sudden Tess and Cloud started to play together. Proper full on wrestling with both of them really going for it. It was fantastic to see both of these traumatised dogs letting go and having fun. The final piece of the puzzle was in place for Cloud to stay and the thing which had been missing for Tess was here too. So he really had to stay. It wasn't our fault - we blame Tess!!

We decided to change his name to something which better suited his new happy self and which also paid tribute to the Moomins who sent him to us. So we chose Finlay which means "Sunbeam".

Fin is a delightful chap. Unbelievably smiley and waggy for one who has been through so much and so much capacity for love. We're rather embarrased to have failed again but we know it's the right thing to do for all of us!

More About Fin

Finlay Cloud (Fin)
"Pedigree" Name:
Lord Snuffleupagus Freckle Schnoz
Snuffleupagus, Bing-Bong, Fing-Fong, Freckles, Fongle, Stinky
25th February
Year of Birth:
Favourite things:
Tess, Food, his willy
Least favourite things:
Loud noises, sudden movements, guns :(
Cutest Habits:
Smiling, random tail wagging, Finny-Flicks, being obessed with feet!
Most Annoying Habits:
Weeing up his own legs, yipping, licking his willy
Naughtiest act to date:
Destroying a duvet and eating the stuffing so that we kept finding poos containing fluff!

Fin TV


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