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Loki's Story

Having just bought our first house, and missing the canine companionship that had been ever present in our childhoods, we searched the internet for the right dog(s) to make our home complete. The problem was we both work full time so, although collies were both of our first loves, we thought we probably would not be around enough for a collie. We started off looking for a pair of dogs that needed to be homed together as I have always been so saddened to hear of dogs which get homed separately after years together. We also thought that two dogs could keep each other company while we were at work. We didn't see any such pairs and most people advised getting one dog at a time so we looked for something along the lines of a female spaniel.

Anyway one day I posted on an internet dog forum volunteering as an emergency fosterer, and mentioned that we were looking for a permanent resident or two as well. Sarah from Wiccaweys quickly replied saying that she thought she had two dogs for us - Buster and Speedie who needed to be homed together. One home check later and on the 22nd May 2004 we were on our way to Leicestershire.

It was a lovely sunny day so we sat down outside with Paul and Sarah to see if Buster and Speedie would get any braver. We chatted away and somehow the topic of another dog at the centre, Tobie, arose. I had been quite taken by her on the website as she was not only stunningly beautiful, but my last collie had been called Toby. Sarah asked if we would like to meet her and foolishly I said yes (I should know better by now). It was love at first sight all round and Tobie quickly went into hard sell mode to convince us we should take her home too! We spoke to Paul and Sarah and they agreed that the somewhat bubbly Tobie may help bring the other two out of their shells a little. And so it came to be that we headed home with an extra dog - now known as Loki!

More About Loki

"Pedigree" Name:Lady Heffington Lard
Nicknames:Pokemon, Pokes, Bubbs, Bubble Dog, Wubble
Gotcha/Birthday:22nd May/22nd November
Year of Birth:2002
Favourite things:Daddy, Food, Grunting, Dressing Up
Least favourite things:Dieting, Being Ignored, Other dogs getting attention
Cutest Habits:Grunting, Smiling, Laughing, Wriggling around for attention
Most Annoying Habits:Getting in the way, demanding attention, ankle biting
Naughtiest act to date:Destroying the bannister rails

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