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Guinea Pigs

Pigs were another very much unplanned addition. They were the only commonly kept small animal I'd not "owned" so far and, much as I quite liked the idea, they needed too much space for our current set up. Most of our cages were tall to make the best use of the rather small animal room but pigs need floorspace and can't use height. But then came one of those visits to the Pets at Home adoption centre. There was this beautiful little boy, all alone and advertised as needing to stay on his own. NOOOOOOOO I thought, he doesn't need to live alone, he just needs to be neutered so that he can live with some girls. So we took him, intending to have him neutered and then find him a new home with some lady friends.

Sigh. You can guess what happened. Yes, we fell in love. I didn't know much about pigs and was totally bowled over by the enormous personality of this creature and by all the delightful little noises. He arrived at a time when we were reducing our numbers so we worked out that we could fit in a suitable size cage for him and his girls. And so Roger joined the family

Once he was old enough Roger was neutered and then we set about building his harem. Introductions weren't as easy as we'd hoped but the lovely Jenny at Crawley Guinea Pig Rescue was ever so patient and Roger eventually accepted the third pair of ladies he met! And so Polly and Pearl moved in.


The piggies live together in a 5x2 Cubes and Correx cage with a 2x1 hayloft!

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