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By early 2010 we were faced with reducing our numbers due to health and financial worries. Our exisiting group of rats had all become old and ill at once and we were in a position to stop keeping rats as it looked likely that the last two would leave us close together. In March we lost our dog, Tess. Later that month we were in pets at home and I always have to have a look at the adoption centre in case anyone needs our help. There was a sign for a single female rat called Tess although the lady herself was hiding away. Seeing the name we had to meet her. We were told she was rather timid yet as soon as her cage door was open she was out and climbing all over us, a delicious little silver fawn and white dumbo. I told myself we would foster her while our last girl was with us and then find her a new home. I was fooling no-one.

And so, in May, Tess was joined by Allegra, Miliana and Malizia from Lincoln Rat Rescue.

Although they've literally never been called by those names! Although it was Tess' name which caught our attention it didn't feel quite right calling her that. She was very norty so became Tessy Terror Pants or Pants for short. Allegra was shortened to Legs. Malizia to Litzy then Litzytits and then just Tits. And Miliana became Millie then Millie bum and then just Bum. So, in truth, our current rats are actually called Pants, Legs, Tits and Bum. Oops.

The girls live together in an abode cage

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