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Nicknames - StarryStar
DOB:- 2000?
Variety - Standard Grey

Star came to us as company for (the then neutered) Shadow in November 2004. She had been kept in terrible conditions, crammed into a cage with two males (hence the state of her ears), fed a bad diet, not handled and not given access to a sandbath. Initial attempts to introduce her to Shadow didn't go well and the reason became apparent on the 4th December 2004 when she gave birth!

Once she had raised her babies she and Shadow did eventually get together.

Star was left quite shy and traumatised by her early experiences but she is slowly coming out of her shell and getting more confident. Since the chins moved into the larger, more open Tommy cage she has really blossomed and now actively seeks attention. She loves to be tickled under the chin and lifts her leg to give you better access!

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